Lynsey Marsh 

Ex.Principal Clarinet

Hallé Orchestra

Having changed to Eddie's pads, we both (Alan Haydock and myself) noticed how much freer & more centered our instruments feel, enabling us to project across a large symphony orchestra without having to force the sound. His pads and workmanship also improve eveness of tone through the whole range of the instrument and give added warmth to the sound. Knowing that the pads are completely reliable & that the instrument will not change during the course of a concert gives us greater confidence & peace of mind during the performance. (Prior to using these pads, Lynsey suffered a panic situation 10mins. before a live broadcast - a skin pad had swollen, which incapacitated the bottom joint)!




An innovation discovered & perfected by EDDIE ASHTON
- they're the world's finest Clarinet Pads and Bassoon Pads.      

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